Some Of Our Favorite Diet Cookbooks

Some Of Our Favorite Diet Cookbooks

You’ve done your research and you are ready to start you new diet plan.  Congratulations, that is half the battle right there!  Choosing the best diet plan for your needs takes some time and a bit of digging, you want to follow a plan that will work best for your needs.  Now it’s time to start making some lifestyle changes, especially with the foods that you can and cannot eat.  This step can be harder than you might imagine.

Using The Best Diet Cookbook.

One of the main reasons given by people who quick their diets before reaching their goals is boredom.  Boring, repetitive meals will drive people away faster than anything.  Most of the more recognized diet plans now have a wide variety of cookbooks and meal planners to help people stay engaged.  In other words, there are meals that people want to actually eat and enjoy.

The Basics Of Good Diet Cookbooks

All good diet cookbooks will do a few things before you get started preparing any meals.  The cookbook will explain how the diet plan works and what you need to do to follow it.  If it is a low carb diet it will explain why you are eliminating carbs from your diet. Other plans will lay out the thinking behind their diet routine.  If the cookbook only tells you about reducing calories, you may want to look at a different cookbook.

Another basic needed in a good cookbook is a list of foods that can be eaten and in what quantities.  The Atkins diet has been used by millions of people but the first diet books for this plan were very vague on how much red meat and other fats where to be consumed.  Current Atkins cookbooks corrected that error and now give you specific amounts of what you can eat.

The other basic need for any good diet plan cookbook is flexibility.  Some foods just don’t work for some people.  There may be an issue of allergies or there may be a dislike of certain foods.  Menu planners need to recognize these potential problems and have options to replace certain foods while still staying true to the diet plan.

Excellent Diet Cookbooks

Here are some of our favorite diet plan cookbooks.  There are thousands of cookbooks to be found but we have tried these and have had great success.

The South Beach Diet Cookbook

South Beach Diet Cookbook.

This is the original South Beach Diet cookbook and it is a classic.  There have been quite a few updates and additions but the original is still excellent.  Not only are there recipes but a few weekly planners are included.  This is not a complicated diet plan to follow.  A great cookbook to help you lose weight.




Keto Diet Cookbook

Keto Diet Cookbook.

Following a keto diet plan has become extremely popular the last few years but most people don’t really know what a keto diet is.  While a keto diet is similar to low carb plans like Atkins, it does have some major differences.  This book is more than just a cookbook, it is an roadmap to help you lose weight and improve your health.  The recipes are easy to follow and the results are delicious.  One very nice feature is the number of options that you are given.  There are meatless options, vegan options and some recipes for desserts and snacks that are great when you are craving something sweet or salty.

Atkins Diet Cookbook

Atkins Diet Cookbook.

Along with the South Beach Diet, Atkins is probably the most recognized brand name diet plans.  It is at heart a low carb diet but over the years it has evolved into a healthier eating plan.  This is the latest update and it is an excellent resource for those following that Atkins plan.  The recipes are great and the meal planning by week section makes it very easy to follow this plan.




Mediterranean Diet Plan

Mediterranean Diet Plan Cookbook.

It’s easy to be confused when you are looking at a Mediterranean diet.  It is not a specific diet plan, it is more a lifestyle plan.  The meals are centered around nuts, olive oils, whole grains, vegetables, some fruits, fish and occasionally red meat and wine.  We love this cookbook because it offers not only recipes but meal plans and some health tips.



DASH Diet Cookbook

DASH Diet Plan Cookbook.

DASH is the diet plan most recommended by doctors and is one of the more user friendly diet plans around.  While this plan doesn’t have anywhere near the number of published cookbooks it does have a few excellent books that will help you get started.  It advertises itself as DASH for beginners and it fills the needs of newbies getting started.  The 21 day meal guide is a great blueprint and there is a wide assortment of options that allow you to tailor the plan to meet your personal food likes and dislikes.

These are just a few diet cookbooks that we have had great success with.  There are plenty of websites dedicated to certain diet plans that can give you even more options.  Just keep a few things in mind when you are getting ready to start a new diet plan:

* Make sure the recipes are easy to follow

* Make sure you don’t have to buy a lot of new ingredients

* Pay attention to the nutritional value of the recipes offered

* Make sure you will actually want to eat the food being offered

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