Do You Know About These Diet Plans?

Do You Know About These Diet Plans?

If you have been searching for a good diet plan you know that there are hundreds of options to choose from. Without some research it is almost impossible to figure out which plans are effective, which plans are healthy and which plans are just plain useless. Luckily, many of the most popular plans have been thoroughly tested by medical organizations and colleges and their reports have been widely published.  Here are some brief recaps of the top 10 diet plans available in the US today.  As with any well designed diet plan these plans will incorporate some physical activity and will aim for healthy long term weight loss and improved overall health.

Tips For Chosing The Best Diet Plan.

This diet plan is probably the most popular online diet program today, one that is used by millions of people. Users can take advantage of both the website and the eDiets app, both of which are very user friendly.  First time users are offered one free week to try out the program, then the monthly charge is $9.95 per user. eDiets offers a wide variety of options and tools that are designed to help you with every stage of your diet plan.  As you plan your meals you will get shopping tips as well as food preparation tips and the addition of the app makes it easy to always know what you are eating or how to prepare your next meal.  Diet plans include healthy heart plans, diabetes friendly plans, healthy weight loss plans and hypertension friendly plans.  All are well designed and easy to follow.

Diet.Com has a credible physician backing this site, who has actually authored books about weight reduction. Dr. Robert Kushner, uses individual way of lives of the people to create a personalized diet plan; based on the individual routines that will assist individuals drop weight and preserve a healthy weight.

Tips For Choosing The Best Diet Plan.

The Medifast Diet

Other physicians to assist their patients reduce weight efficiently and safely created Medifast Diet. It consists of six meals a day getting rid of the appetite many suffer during a diet. The strategies are transitional with upkeep and workout strategies to assist keep the weight off, in addition to a strong support group for ongoing assistance and help.

Jillian Michaels Diet

Jillian Michaels Diet Plan is utilized by a nationwide tv program with proven results. The diet is created so the person can exercise in the comfort of their homes along with consuming a healthy diet and concentrating on the mental elements of the dieter. The strategy is based on the individual’s metabolic process and increasing it so the individual can drop weight safely and effectively with the capabilities to learn weight management for long-lasting impacts.

Denise Austin Diet Plan

Denise Austin Diet was produced by a fitness specialist that bases her diet on the development of a diet strategy that allows an individual to consume what they want but at lower levels that are healthy and nutritional. The idea assists dieters discover to prevent the yearnings while eating a well balanced diet with a workout program.

Sonoma Diet

Sonoma Diet utilizes the Mediterranean diet with added designs in the strategy. The diet plan is based on “waves” or steps where the individual uses the described actions to lose weight effectively.

The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet Plan is based on healthy consuming foods that will be satisfying, while removing the cravings problems. There are 3 phases to the diet that are each developed to deal with the numerous concerns such as getting rid of the food yearnings, kick-start weight reduction, and weight management.

The Duke Diet

The Duke Diet & Fitness was created by renown specialists in the nutrition and medical field committed to helping others enhance their lives with healthy consuming and weight management. This diet plan concentrates on the diet plan, fitness routines, and behavioral methods to help the person develop a healthier lifestyle.


Nutrisystem Diet Plan is an unique plan for females, males, over 60, vegetarians, and Type 2 Diabetics. The tailored diet plans utilize great carbohydrates in the diet with fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids to manage the appetite while promoting a much healthier heart.

5 Factor Diet

5 Factor Diet Plan was developed by a diet plan coach for Hollywood stars based upon physical fitness and a healthy diet plan. The people consume 5 times a day, cut the time on the exercise routines, and changing the person’s body into a healthy body.

To be on the safe side it is always better to seek advice from your own personal doctor prior to starting a specialized diet plan or workout strategy.  Your goal is healthy long term weight and improved overall health.





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