Which diet plan is best for you?  That is a question that needs to be asked by anyone that is hoping to lose weight and is looking at different diet plans.  It’s confusion to find just the right diet plan, all of them claim fabulous results.  I should know, I have tried most of them.

What Is The Best Diet Plan For You

I have struggled with my weight for my entire life.  I was a stocky child, a plump teen and a chunky young adult.  Different diets seemed to work for a while but soon I was back to my unwanted and unloved weight.  Finally I decided to research weight and health so that I could understand better what I was trying to accomplish.

That’s why I started this blog.  I kept notes on different diet plans when I was on them and charted my successes and failures.  You will be able to find information on some of the more popular diets, like DASH and keto, as well as some recipes that I have found that are delicious and work well with certain diet plans.

Good luck on your weight loss quest!  Please send along any tips, suggestions or recipes that you have, I love hearing from my fellow good health travelers.